How Everett Thompson Won The Lottery 14 Times In The Last 2 Years...

Says He Can Show Anyone How To Win From the State Lottery To The Powerball

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After years of being buried in soul-crushing debt Everett Thompson won the lotto not just 5 times but a total of 14 times in the last two years.

You see, I was neighbors with Everett for the last 10 years. He was a good neighbor but for the last two years I could tell something was different...

All the sudden he was home a lot more, he was driving nicer cars and wearing very nice clothing. Next thing you know they sold their house. What the hell was going on I thought...

When Everett was moving out, I offered to take a load over to their new house since I had an old pickup truck.

We pulled up to his new house and this is what I saw:

I couldn’t believe EVERETT was moving here!

After unloading the truck I asked him how he was able to afford this epic house and what he told me blew my mind.

"I won the lotto 14 times in the last two years"

14 times! That month Everett hit the biggest jackpot of his life and his life changed forever.

He decided to teach me the very same system responsible for his lottery winnings.

Even though I was standing in his multimillion dollar house, paid for with lotto money I was still skeptical.

My wife told me I was "crazy" for playing the lotto. Until...

I WON my FIRST lotto for $124,140!

Then my SECOND and THIRD jackpot in just under six months.

My total earnings in the first six months?


With my earnings I paid off my debt and moved my family in right next door to Everett

I finally convinced Everett to create put a video on YouTube to share this with other people. After uploading the video to YouTube something strange happened...

The video kept getting removed for "Copyright" claims by the state lotto commission. They desperately did not want Everett’s system available for the public to use.

So we decided to put that video on a private website where it couldn’t get taken down.

You can watch that video where Everett breaks down his secret formula. He will cover his six steps to the system.

Watch it now before the lotto commissioners force us to take it down.

Latest Lotto Winners

Remmy P, Virgina Beach, Virgina

Everett, I’m just writing this quick note to thank you for changing my life, this month i’ve already hit the lotto three times, for $13,200, $120,182 and $38,492.

Some months aren’t quite as crazy as this, but regardless I’ve been averaging around $22,000 per month and it’s all thanks to your system. I still just can’t believe how easy it is to use.

I’m glad you’re not going to share this with too many people because I think the lottery would go out of business!

Ricky W, Palm Beach, Florida

I can’t believe it, 5 win’s of $5,00 or more over the last three months!!!

If you told me a few months ago that I’d be winning like this, I would have said you were crazy! But your formula is so easy to use and it’s so insanely accurate, now I know that me and my family will be financially set for life.

Dennis R, Redlands, California

When a friend of mine shared your website with me I thought he must be nuts. There’s no system to beat the lottery I told him.

But after watching him hit his 3rd jackpot in six months for a total of $1,242,002 in winnings, I started to think maybe he wasn’t so crazy after all.

So I gave this a try and my god I am happy that I did. I just hit my first jackpot for $124,120 and it’s only been about 29 days. I can’t wait to keep winning

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